Terms of service
By signing up to our service, your account is bound to these terms:
Our basic services are free of charge and are provided as is with no warranty whatsoever.
During the tour creation process, your images are resized and might lose some quality.
You are not allowed to put images that contain pornography, nudity or violence. This content will be checked if reported and deleted without notice if it breaches these terms.
You cannot put images that you do not own the right to use. If somebody reports your content for copyright infringement, the content will be deleted without notice.
You can report any breach of the terms 3 and 4. Abusive reporting will be ignored.
We reserve the right to suspend the account of any user if her/his behaviour is deemed harmful.
You can request the deletion of your account and data by contacting us through the Contact Form provided on this website. We answer and execute the deletion within three business days.

We are Dermandar (Offshore) SAL, Princess Bldg, Jounieh, Lebanon. You can contact us through the Contact Form on this website.
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